Summer Learning Journey | Week 1: Activity 9: Grand Design

Today I have completed another Summer Learning Journey activity. The Summer Learning Journey is a program that helps students keep learning throughout the Summer holidays. 

I decided to attempt the kick start activity. The task was to create a summer dream house. I first watched all the videos to help me make sure I know how to complete this task properly. I then started designing my summer house. I decided to design a spacious two storey house so there will be enough room to do a lot of different summer activites inside the house. I also added in a nice big front and back yard so I also have enough space outside to play and do fun activities.

I found this activity fun because I was able to practice my drawing skills online to help me design my summer dream house.

4 thoughts on “Summer Learning Journey | Week 1: Activity 9: Grand Design

  1. Kia Ora Te Raumati,
    This is Chisa from Panmure Bridge School, I think your summer house has a lot of great places to enjoy out in the sun, as well as the inside. I think having a big front and back yard is great, as you can play family sports like volleyball, soccer, rugby. In addition you can play water fights, or even gardening! What kind of summer activites do you usually take part in or what is something you are looking forward to in the coming holiday?

    Keep up your great work, enjoy your summer!

    1. Tena Koe Chisa,

      Thank you for commenting on my blog post. Some summer activites I usally take part in is mostly sports like touch rugby and softball. Something I’m looking forward to in the coming holidays is Christmas and New Years as it’s a great oppotuinty to spend time with my family.

      What are some things you and your family celebrates druing the summer holiday?

      Thank you and enjoy your holiday as well
      Te Raumati

  2. Kia ora Te Raumati,

    What a great looking summer house! It must have taken a lot of effort and time to create. What program did you create it on? It looks like it’s located in a nice leafy, green area. Where would you build it? Would it be built close to somewhere where you could swim?

    What are you looking forward to most over summer?

    Ngā mihi,
    Simon (SLJ)

    1. Kia Ora Simon,

      Thank you for posting a comment on my blog post! I created this summer dream house of mine on a google draw. If I were to build this house, I would build it in a nice spacious area that is surrounded by lots of nature.

      Something I’m looking forward to over the summer is spending time with my family and doing a bunch of fun activities.

      What do you enjoy doing throughout the summer holidays?

      Thank you again!
      Te Raumati

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